Basilisk (Unevolved)
Race Neutral
Rarity Uncommon
Mana icon Cost 9
Attack direct
Ability "The card opposite does no damage for 2 rounds."

Stats Edit

Level Attack Life
lvl 1 100 500
lvl 11 212 1060
lvl 15 (+) 308 1542
lvl 19 (++) 424 2130
lvl 23 (+++) 565 2834
lvl 27 (++++) 713 3575
All values are with full Evolve Bonus (except lvl 1)

Special Ability Edit

The card directly opposite Basilisk is dazed for the first two rounds.

Tactics Edit

Due to it's unique ability, Basilisk is one of the most popular cards in the game. It can be easily obtained, trained and fused on the early quests and stays useful till 70-80th level - even to reduce spending mana during PvP battles.

Basilisk is good in:

  • destroyng drilling type of decks by dazing strong attackers such as Grimnack or even "invulnerable" Mountain Yeti ++++.
  • neutralizing popular combo with "Loremaster - BloodsoakedTotem - Loremaster": till Totem is dazed, all three cards are harmless.
  • neutralizing indestructibles
  • dazing Moon Dragon (Basilisk's damage isn't enough to kill MD and trigger his resurrect ability)

Common strategy with Basilisk is using two cards on the side of the deck (positions 1-2 or 4-5). In this case the one of Basilisks (1 or 5) is covered from side attackers by his neighbour (2 or 4). So player can use strong version of Basilisk on 2nd or 4th positions and weak (even not trained at all) version on the side flank - it will work well. This is the long but effective way to train the second Basilisk well without spending valuable resources.

Using Double Basilisks gives economy of mana: decks value decreases from 105-125 points per battle (with 5 Legendaries in the deck) to 81-93 points. But this strategy needs much intuitive skill to avoid suspenders, card damagers and other dangers. Also player need strong attacking combo (e.g. drilling set) in other positions to end battle in 2nd or 3rd rounds.

Basilisk has no defence against:

Nevertheless, the ++++ version of Basilisk (even fused without evolving each card) has approximately 2700 health points and is strong enough to withstand one hit of Imperial Dragon +++ during Round 1 (till it has no strengthen bonus).

Basilisk works good against direct damagers, which ability is triggered by death (Ore Titan and Mammoth Catadel), but it is helpless against other attacking direct damagers, such as Voodoo Witch, Salt Smuggler or well evolved Homunculus.

After level 80th advantage of using Basilisks decreases as opponents start to use well-fused ++++ side attackers and Ultimates.

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