Bloodsoaked Totem
Bloodsoaked Totem
Bloodsoaked Totem (Unevolved)
Race Orc
Rarity Legendary
Mana icon Cost 22
Attack left neighbor, right neighbor
Ability "The attack value of each of your offensive cards increases by ____ per round."
Portal Dread Empress

Stats Edit

Level Attack Life Ability
lvl 1 2400 2600 400
lvl 14 3022 3275 503
lvl 24 (+) 4172 4521 695
lvl 34 (++) 5713 6189 952
lvl 44 (+++) 7745 8398 1210
lvl 54 (++++) 10402 11269 1733
All values are with full Evolve Bonus (except lvl 1)

Attack Edit

Bloodsoaked Totem attacks both of its neighbors, i.e. it deals damage to your own creatures. The left neighbor takes damage equal to half the Totem's attack power, the same applies for the right neighbor. If the corresponding creature positions is unoccupied, the damage is dealt to you. If the Totem is placed in the leftmost or rightmost position, then the damage going over the edge is also dealt to you. In this last respect, the Totem behaves differently from other side-attacking creatures (except Minotaur), whose damage going over the edge is ignored.

Special ability Edit

At the beginning of each round, the Totem increases the attack power of each of your offensive cards (i.e. cards having some attack direction) by an amount listed in its special ability. This happens already in round 1. The Totem increases its own attack.

Tactics Edit

Bloodsoaked Totem surrounded by two Loremasters can deal all its damage directly to the opponent. Notice that the level of Loremasters needn't even be very high to use the full potential of this combo as L34 Loremasters suffice for L54 Totem. On the other hand, using Star Seers or Lava Toads in place of Loremasters is much less effective.

This tactics is relatively easy to counter - for example, a lone Basilisk targeted at the Totem disables all 3 cards for 2 turns. The card constellation (an orc surrounded by two elves) is easy to spot. It can however be mistaken for Scorpion Rider + Grimnack.

A tactics abusing the Totem's special ability is yet to be seen...

Known bugs Edit

The Totem's ability should increase attack power of offensive cards only. However, sometimes it increases attack of cards with no attack direction. This has no effect on the outcome of the battle as these creatures don't attack at all.

Gallery Edit