Divine Peace
Divine Peace
Main Race Neutral (4/8)
Other Races Elf (3/8), Dwarf (1/8)
First opened  ?
Last opened August 1, 2016 - August 8, 2016

Cards Edit

There are 8 unique cards. Collecting all 8 earns a 4,000 gem reward.

Flameling Lava Toad Harpy Minotaur
Djinn Medusa Colossus Leviathan

Quests Edit

Table explanation:
# = Quest number
S = Total Stamina needed to get to the final combat, i.e. to defeat all enemy figures
Reward = "boss cp" means that if you complete this quest for the first time ever, you obtain cardpiece of the boss
Boss = Boss name
HP = Health Points of the opponent in the final combat
S/f = Stamina needed to defeat one enemy figure
$/f = Gold obtained for defeating one enemy figure
$/w = After defeating a whole wave of enemies, either a card (up to uncommon) or gold is obtained. In the latter case, $/w is this amount.

# S Reward Boss HP S/f $/f $/w
1 48 Boss cp Flameling 2530 4
2 52 Rare cp/Boss cp Flameling 2735 4
3 60 Acolyte tk Lava Toad 3120 5 29 87
4 65 Rare cp Lava Toad 3380 5 29 87/116
5 66 Rare cp,Boss cp? Lava Toad 3640 6 34 68/102
6 72 Rare cp, Acolyte tk Flameling 3900 6 34 102
7 77 Rare cp Harpy 4180 7 40 80/120
8 84 808 gold, Rare cp,Hero cp, Acolyte tk? Harpy 4485 7 40 120
9 88 Boss cp? Harpy 4745 8
10 96 card piece? Minotaur 5005 8
11 104 Rare cp, Minotaur 5265 8 46 138/184
12 108 Boss cp? Minotaur 5525 9
13 117 Rare cp,Heroic cp, Acolyte tk Djinn 5850 9 51 153/204
14 120 Djinn 6110 10
15 120 boss cp? Djinn 6270 10 57 (19 if don't click on enemy) 420
16 132 Medusa 6630 11
17 132 Medusa card(random) Colossus 6890 11
18 144 Colossus 7215 12
19 144 boss cp(yup) Colossus 7475 12
20 156 Heretic token?(yup) Medusa 7735 13
21 156 Leviathan 7995 13
22 156 Leviathan 8245 13
23 168 Leviathan 8580 14
24 168 boss cp? Medusa 8840 14
25 180 Heretic token Leviathan 9100 15 86 2670

Quest 25 grind results Edit

  • legendary cardpiece (probability of portal cardpiece 10%)
  • heroic cardpiece (probability of portal cardpiece 5%)
  • 73 gems (probability 1%)
  • 1221 gold (probability 2%)
  • Heretic token (probability 7,5%)
  • Acolyte token (probability 3%)
  • 2 Stamina potions (probability ?%)

Booster composition Edit


Heretic booster contains one legendary card. It needn't be a portal legendary! Testing on limited sample indicates 50% of legendaries are either Colossus or Leviathan. Combined with low drop rate of Heretic tokens (7,5%) makes grinding quite ineffective.

Story Edit

  Bone Oracle: My brother orcs have vanished.
               Find them, and I swear to reward you richly!
               Honest! I really mean it!
  Flameling appears
  Evoker: A Flameling outside the crater? That's odd.
          The island orcs are a mighty tribe.
          They can't just be gone!
  Flameling: It'sssssss cold here! No place for usssss!
  Flameling disappears
  Evoker: These are hill dwarves. What brings them here?
          Maybe they killed the orcs?
  Lava Toad appears
  Rock Detonator: Hey! Leave that toad alone! It's mine!
                  I've never seen so many toads in one place!
                  I love these guys. If you squeeze 'em just right...
                  Magma comes out!
  Evoker: It seems the dwarves are only here...
 harvest the toads as an energy source.
          So where did the orcs go?
  Rock Detonator: You just hate dwarves, don't you? Racist.
  Fire creatures are crawling frantically from their holes, as if fleeing disaster.
  Evoker: Earthquake! The island is rising again!
  Flameling: The Great One drove usss from our cozy home!
  Bone Oracle: Have you found my brothers yet?
  Evoker: No sign of them so far.
  Harpy appears
  Harpy: An evoker of the Young Tribes? Begone, wretch.
  Evoker: Harpies haven't been seen in millennia.
          I thought they were a myth, honestly...
  Harpy: The Old Ones have returned to rule again!
  Evoker: Is 'Old Ones' what the harpies call themselves?
          Or is she some kind of herald?
  Harpy: Our empire arises from the waves...
         ...the Great Devourer from the lava.
  Evoker kills Harpy
  Bone Oracle: I have heard stories of the Old Ones...
               ...but they were bringers of peace.
  Medusa: Delay them, Minotaur. I'll start the invocation.
  Minotaur appears
  Bone Oracle: Dragons & demons once waged eternal war.
               The Old Ones helped the Gods to bind them.
               But the Young Tribes -- orcs, elves & the rest --
               betrayed the Old Ones. No story tells how.
  Evoker kills Minotaur
  Bone Oracle: If the Old Ones return, it may be to doom us.
               I will cast the oracle bones and report back.
  Djinn: I've never seen anyone as small as you.
         What color is your blood, little one?
         You had enough time to make peace. You failed.
         Now we will force peace upon you.
  Evoker kills Djinn
  Bone Oracle: The oracle bones tell of a mighty serpent.
               They say it will ascend unto the skies.
  Medusa appears
  Medusa: Stop struggling! We are here to help you.
  Bone Oracle: What have you done to my brothers?
  Medusa: They did not love peace.
  Bone Oracle: Avenge my tribe, I beg you.
  Evoker: Oh, no -- the earth trembles once more!
  Bone Oracle: The Great One awakes! I feel its power!
  Colossus appears
  Evoker: The crater is cracking!
          Something is trying to force its way out!
  Medusa: You are too late. The invocation is complete!
          Thanks to us, the world will be reborn in fire.
  A huge cloud of ash pours from the volcano. Something writhes within.
  Bone Oracle: The Great Devourer arises!
               Run! Orcs and children first!
  Leviathan appears.
  Leviathan: Eons have I slept. How the world has changed!
             Everywhere I see only hate and destruction.
  Bone Oracle: Our battles have drawn the wrath of the Gods!
  Leviathan: Yes. The Gods sent me to restore peace.
  Evoker: I want to say 'Gods help us', but...
          ...I guess this is the help they think we need.
          We're on our own.
  Leviathan: Be brave, little ones. It will all be over soon.
  Medusa: Fools -- the scourge of the Gods can't be killed!
          Cut off his head, and it will merely grow back.
          Don't you understand? It's for your own good!
  Evoker kills Medusa
  Bone Oracle: O Devourer, I swear to live in peace! Spare me!
               Eat these guys instead!
  Leviathan: You would oppose the will of the Gods?
  Evoker kills Leviathan
  Leviathan: My power wanes. I must leave this world.

History Edit

Divine Peace was opened in the following periods:

  1. February 2015
  2. November 5, 2015 - November 30, 2015
  3. January 11 - January 25 , 2016
  4. May 2 - May 16, 2016
  5. August 1, 2016 -  August 8, 2016
  6. February 12, 2018 - February 18, 2018

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  1. What are the other dates Divine Peace was opened? What are the exact dates?
  2. Did you make notes what rewards you got for completing the quests (in particular #25) or what cards you found in boosters? Please discuss in forum!