Dying Dreams
Dying Dreams
Main Race Elf (8/8)
First opened  ?
Last opened August 8, 2016 - August 22, 2016

Cards Edit

There are 8 unique cards. Collecting all 8 earns a 5,300 gem reward.

Mendicant Herb Collector Sand Yeti Salt Smuggler
Hurricane Dancer Scorpion Rider Astral Navigator Sentinel

Quests Edit

Table explanation:
# = quest number
Boss = boss name
HP = boss health points
s = total Stamina needed to get to the final combat, i.e. to defeat all enemy figures
f = number of enemy figures
s/f = Stamina needed to defeat one enemy figure
$/f = Gold obtained for defeating one enemy figure
$/w = After defeating a whole wave of enemies, either a card (up to uncommon) or gold is obtained. In the latter case, $/w is this amount.
d = number drops - after defeating a whole wave of enemies, either a card (up to uncommon) or gold is obtained.
s/d= stamina per drop, return on investment of stamina
Boss Reward = #Gold/ #Gems/ highest token/ highest card piece

  • Tokens for each portal quest come in low and high variants (e.g. Desert Twilight vs. Timelord)
  • "boss cp" means you obtain one cardpiece of this boss when you complete this quest for the first time ever. Note: if you don't have some card pieces of this card or available slot then you don't get it.
# Boss HP s f s/f $/f $/w d s/d Reward:$/Gems/Token/Card
1 Mendicant 3250 60 12 5 29 4 15.0 ?/?/Low/Rare
2 Mendicant 3510 66 11 6 34 4 16.5 ?/?/Low/Rare
3 Mendicant 3835 72 12 6 34 4 18.0 ?/?/Low/Rare-boss cp?
4 Tracker 4095 78 13 6 34 4 19.5 ?/?/Low/Rare
5 Hurricane Dancer 4355 84 12 7 40 4 21.0 ?/?/Low/Rare
6 Moon Prophetess 4615 91 13 7 40 4 22.8 ?/?/Low/ Heroic -boss cp?
7 Herb Collector 4940 96 12 8 46 4 24.0 ?/?/Low/ Heroic
8 Arrow Master 5200 96 12 8 46 4 24.0 ?/?/Low/ Heroic
9 Herb Collector 5460 108 12 9 51 4 27.0 ?/?/High/ Heroic -boss cp?
10 Herb Collector 5720 108 12 9 51 4 27.0 ?/?/High/ Heroic
11 Sand Kraken 6045 120 12 10 57 4 30.0 ?/?/High/ Heroic
12 War Bard 6305 120 12 10 57 4 30.0 ?/?/High/Heroic-boss cp?
13 Sphere Weaver 132 12 11 63 4 33.0 ?/?/High/Heroic
14 Salt Smuggler 6825 132 12 11 63 4 33.0 ?/?/High/Heroic
15 Salt Smuggler 7150 144 12 12 68 4 36.0 ?/?/High/Heroic -boss cp
16 Sand Yeti 144 12 12 68 4 36.0 ?/?/High/Legendary?
17 Sand Yeti 7670 144 12 12 68 4 36.0 ?/?/High/Legendary?
18 Scorpion Rider 7930 156 12 13 74 4 39.0 ?/?/High/Legendary? -boss cp
19 Scorpion Rider 8255 156 12 13 74 4 39.0 ?/?/High/Legendary?
20 Astral Navigator 8515 168 12 14 80 4 42.0 ?/?/High/Legendary?
21 Astral Navigator 8775 168 12 14 80 4 42.0 ?/?/High/Legendary?
22 Astral Navigator 180 12 15 86 4 45.0 ?/?/High/Legendary?
23 Sentinel 9360 180 12 15 86 4 45.0 ?/?/High/Legendary? -boss cp
24 Sentinel 192 12 16 91 3120 4 48.0 ?/?/High/Legendary?
25 Sentinel 9880 192 12 16 91 4 ?/?/High/Legendary? -Oneiromancer token

Quest 25 grind results Edit

Dying Dreams - Battle at the Gates
  • legendary cardpiece (probability of portal cardpiece 20%)
  • heroic cardpiece (probability of portal cardpiece 2%)
  • 78 gems (probability 2%)
  • 1291 gold (probability 1%)
  • Dreamwalker token (probability 1%)
  • Oneiromancer token (probability 10%)

Booster composition Edit

Dreamwalker - last chance
Oneiromancer - last chance

Story Edit

  Evoker: Listen: amid the fire's roar and the screams....
          I hear drums & chanting.
  Mendicant appears

  Mendicant: More orcs! Kill them!
  Evoker: Did that guy really think we were orcs?
          I know I'm having a bad hair day, but come on!
          Here comes another one!
  Mendicant: Ph'nglui mglw'nafh elbereth fhtagn!

  Evoker: What are these guys? Pointy elf ears, but...
          ...elves don't usually chant gibberish...
          burn villages, and forget to shave.
  Mendicant: I may fall, but others will avenge me!
  Evoker: What is wrong with these elves?

  Evoker kills Mendicant

  Evoker: There's an elf town ahead.
          Maybe they can explain this.
  Tracker: I can't take it anymore. Please kill me.
  Evoker: Wait, what?
  Evoker kills Tracker
  Hurricane Dancer appears

  Hurricane Dancer: Begone, monsters! You pollute our town!
  Evoker: Why is no one ever happy to see us?

  Evoker kills Hurricane Dancer

  Evoker: All these elves seem to have gone crazy.

  Moon Prophetess appears

  Moon Prophetess: Is it you who have stolen my visions?
  Evoker: Maybe some of them always were crazy.
  Moon Prophetess: If I cannot dream, I am truly blind. It cannot be!

  Herb Collector appears

  Herb Collector: Please -- have you seen Slumberleaf nearby?
                  We're desperate. Help me, I beg you!
                  You're going to kill me, aren't you?
                  Not if I kill you first!

  Herb Collector runs away

  Evoker: Poor woman -- I'm glad she ran away.
          I could use some Slumberleaf, actually.
          I haven't been sleeping at all well lately.

  Arrow Master appears

  Arrow Master: Death to the enemies of the Empire!
  Evoker: Here we go again...

  Evoker kills Arrow Master

  Evoker: The elves are getting more and more violent.
          I'm not looking forward to reaching the city.
  Herb Collector: Stay away from me! Stay away! Aaaaaaah!
  Evoker: The destruction of this temple looks recent.
  Herb Collector: The Sentinel has murdered sleep!
  Evoker: I woke up this morning more tired than ever.

  Sand Kraken appears

  Evoker: Krakens are extinct! I must be seeing things!

  Evoker kills Sand Kraken

  Evoker: This is hopeless.
          We should turn back before we get killed.

  Sphere Weaver appears

  Evoker: Wipe that smug look off your face, Evoker.
          I don't have to follow you around, you know.
          Shut up and leave me alone, okay?

  Salt Smuggler appears

  Salt Smuggler: Out of my way!
  Evoker: Hey, there's that Salt Smuggler!
          He's got to learn that he can't be rude to us.
          Let's kill him!
  Salt Smuggler: Why are you following me? I must escape!

  Evoker kills Salt Smuggler

  Evoker: I'm sorry -- I don't know what came over me.
          It's just that I haven't slept for days now.
          I think I'm losing it.
          Hey, was this always a desert?

  Sand Yeti appears

  Sand Yeti: RAAAUUUUGH!
  Evoker: What was that monster?
          Is it me, or are things getting weird?
  Sand Yeti: Trust me, they will get weirder soon.
  Evoker: You can talk?

  Evoker kills Sand Yeti

  Loremaster: Greetings, Evoker.
              Please forgive my people.
  Scorpion Rider: Stay out of our lands, demon!

  Loremaster: The Sentinel has closed the Horn & Ivory Gates.
              Our dreams are fled, our minds overthrown.
              Defeat the Sentinel! Throw open the gates!
              You are our only hope.

  Astral Navigator appears

  Astral Navigator: Hold, Evoker!
                    The Sentinel has ever been our guardian.
                    If she closed the gates, she had good reason.
  Evoker: I need to sleep, or I'll die. So will you elves!
          We're going to open those gates!
  Astral Navigator: Even exhausted, I will drive you off.
  Evoker: This landscape feels like a nightmare.
  Astral Navigator: Who can tell dream from waking anymore?
                    I hope that you are only another nightmare.

  Evoker kills Astral Navigator
  Sentinel appears

  Sentinel: Ever have I watched over Horn and Ivory...
            Each Gate open but a crack.
            Yet something forced them open wider.
            The Dreaming spilled out. The city was lost.
  Evoker: I don't want to hear a story! Open the Gates!

  Sentinel: Then the mountains became dreams.
            I knew that other lands would soon follow.
            I slammed the Gates shut to protect reality.
            But sleep was trapped on the other side.
  Evoker: So it's your fault I can't sleep! Open the Gates!
  Sentinel: Would that you were as wise as you are strong.

  Sentinel: Behold the dream that was our greatest city.
            By closing the Gates, I have ended my race...
            But opening them would end our world.
  Evoker: Open the Gates! We've saved the world before!
  Sentinel: If you slay me, you must enter the Dreaming.
            Find out who forced the Gates. Save us all.

  Evoker kills Sentinel
  The Sentinel collapses. Silently, the Gates of Horn & Ivory swing open....
  To be continued....

History Edit

Dying Dreams was opened in the following periods:

  1. March - April 2015
  2. June - July 2015
  3. January 25 - February 8, 2016
  4. May 17 - May 30, 2016
  5. August 8, 2016 -  August 22, 2016

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