Goblin Patriarch
Goblin Patriarch
Goblin Patriarch (Unevolved)
Race Orc
Rarity Legendary
Mana icon Cost 23
Attack 2 directions (left, right)
Ability "The cards opposite his neighbors do no damage in round 1. If killed, Goblin Patriarch attacks both neighbors for double damage."
Portal Dread Empress

Stats Edit

Level Attack Life
lvl 1 1600 1800
lvl 14 2277 2562
lvl 24 (+) 3377 3801
lvl 34 (++) 4879 5491
lvl 44 (+++) 6892 7755
lvl 54 (++++) 9552 10749
All values are with full Evolve Bonus (except lvl 1)

Special Ability Edit

The left and right opposing cards are dazed for the first round.

When Goblin Patriarch dies, he deals X damage to both his own left and right neighbors, where X is his basic power (that is, without any strengthening effects). If the corresponding slots are empty, the damage is dealt to the corresponding player. If Patriarch is placed in the leftmost or rightmost slot, the death damage going over the edge is ignored.

Tactics Edit

Two Goblin Patriarchs placed next to each other can daze up to 4 of your opponent's cards in the first round. This is similar to what Hurricane Dancer does, and it has the added benefit of not dazing your own cards.

A common arrangement is placing 2 Goblin Patriarchs in between 2 Voodoo Witches, thus protecting them for a round and allowing them to crush the opponent's life total. This constellation is 4 orcs in a row, and can be hard to predict especially if the 5th card is also an orc.

Gallery Edit