Gremlin (Unevolved)
Race Neutral
Rarity Common
Mana icon Cost 1
Attack none

Stats Edit

Level Life
lvl 1 400
lvl 9 749
lvl 10 (+) 945
lvl 11 (++) 1164
lvl 12 (+++) 1406
lvl 13 (++++) 1674
All values are with full Evolve Bonus (except lvl 1)

Special ability Edit

Gremlins unique value lies in his mana cost: 1 Mana icon. It is the lowest mana cost of all cards. Because of this, Gremlin is the ideal card for "rerolling" your opponents using the Gremlin trick.

Tactics Edit

Gremlin is a suicide blocker - he will save you from one hit for a minimal mana cost.









Gallery Edit