Hurricane Dancer
Hurricane Dancer
Hurricane Dancer (Unevolved)
Race Elf
Rarity Heroic
Mana icon Cost 20
Attack 3 directions (left, direct, right)
Ability "None of the cards adjacent to Hurricane Dancer can attack in the first round."
Portal Dying Dreams

Stats Edit

Level Attack Life
lvl 1 1650 900
lvl 13 2430 1327
lvl 21 (+) 3537 1931
lvl 29 (++) 4995 2725
lvl 37 (+++) 6875 3751
lvl 45 (++++) 9266 5055
All values are with full Evolve Bonus (except lvl 1)

Special Ability Edit

The left, direct and right opposing cards as well as Dancer's left and right neighbors are dazed for the first round.

Hurricane Dancer is one of the top 5 most powerful Heroic cards in the game. Its ability allows you to disable abilities such as first round damage boosts or damage immunity. Though the Hurricane Dancer disables your adjacent cards as well, it already has first strike, thus weakning your opponent's cards.

Even once you have obtained some Legendary cards, HD can still prove to be invaluable. It pairs well with cards such as Colossus and Dwarven Judge by buying you time for their abilities to kick in and kill off at least 2 of your opponent's creatures by the end of Round 2.









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