If you stumble upon this page, don't pay it much attention, this is simply to keep track of what card pages are not complete yet, which is currently most of them.

Common Cards

All of these cards are properly formatted meow, most of them only have level 1 stats.

Dwarf Elf Orc Neutral
Pikeman Envoy Pouch Tearer Gremlin (done)

Standard Cards

All of these cards are properly formatted meow, most of them only have level 1 stats.

Dwarf Elf Orc Neutral
Master Brewer (has ++++) Keeper Throat Cutter Stone Golem
Iron Breaker Falconer Lurking Goblin
Blunderbuss Gunner Scout Bone Breaker
Lance Stabber Archer Worm Shaman
Korim Stoneskull Meadow Guard Flinger

Uncommon Cards

Most uncommon cards are low on stats, but they are all properly formatted and have images

Dwarf Elf Orc Neutral
Axe Whirler (stats) Hunter (stats) Blood Spitter (stats) Iron Golem (stats)
Pyromancer (stats) Tree of Life (stats) Tribe Avenger (verify stats) Gargoyle (stats)
Dwarf Tinker (stats) Druidess (stats) Club Swinger (stats) Homunculus (stats)
Hammer Swinger (stats) Trapper (stats) Ugluk Maggot Eater (stats) Succubus (stats)
Stone Priest (stats) Elf Henchman (stats) Orc Brute (stats) Minor Demon (stats)
Rune Smith (stats) Treeman (stats) Orc Barbarian (stats) Arch Angel (stats)
Pioneer (stats) Blade Master (stats) Raven Shaman (stats) Basilisk (complete)
Shield Bearer (stats) Isilija Moonshine (stats) Bone Collector (stats) Siren (++,++++)
Tunnel Digger (stats) Tamer (stats) Rager Leaper (stats) Will-o'-the-Wisp (+/++++)
Catapult (stats) Unicorn (-/+++) Cave Troll (stats) Cave Dragon (stats)
Portal cards are missing basically everything
War Pangolin Blood Fairy Goblin Mob Baby Dragon
Stonemason Sky Guardian (-/+++) Gasher Flameling
Lava Toad Mendicant Bog Yeti

Rare Cards

Dwarf Elf Orc Neutral
Dwarf Berserker (stats) Adept (stats) Slave Medic (stats) Lookalike (+++,++++)
Argonaut (-,+,+++,++++) Giant Eagle (stats) Rat Eater (+/++++) Arch Demon (+/++++)
Armorer (stats) Star Seer (+++,++++) Skullsplitter (-,+,+++,++++) Phoenix (+++/++++)
Equipment Master (stats) Moon Prophetess (+/++++) Troll Driver (-,++/++++) Ogre (+/++++)
Anvil Guard (++/++++) Tracker (+/++++) Battle Boar (-,++/++++) Giant Lizard (stats)
Ram Rider (+/++++) Pegasus (stats) Assault Drummer (stats) Forest Dragon (+,+++/++++)
Isegrimm Stormgaze (++/++++) Dryad Oracle (++/++++) Smasher (-,+,+++,++++)
Gunner (L12, +++, ++++) Centaur (+/++++) Guruk the Destroyer (stats)
Portal cards have no images and few stats
Fungus Lord (-,+,+++,++++) Arrow Master (-/+++) Bone Oracle (stats) Airborne Parasite (stats)
Spore Mage Harpy (+/++++) Totem Carver (stats) Incubus
Scrapmaster Minotaur Schemer Gladiator
Crystal Breeder Herb Collector (++,+++) Goblin Cook
Crystal Golem (++/++++) Sand Yeti (+++,++++) War Tattooist (+/++++)

Heroic Cards

All Heroic cards are properly formatted. Many of them need additional stats.

Dwarf Elf Orc Neutral
Rock Detonator Shadow Bear Wolf Beast Fire Elemental (++++)
Alchemist (+++,++++) War Bard (++++) Wolf Shaman (+,+++,++++) Earth Elemental
Guardian of the Throne (++) Sphere Weaver (++/+++) Wrath Bringer (+,++++) Air Elemental (+++/++++)
Tundugar Ironeye Sister Elenia Swamp Troll Water Elemental (++/++++)
Giant (+,++,++++)
Fire Dragon (-,+,+++)
Lindworm (+/++++)
Ice Dragon (+/+++)
Cards from portals don't have pictures
Magmamancer (++/++++) Sand Mystic (-/++++) Swarmkeeper (++,+++) Sand Kraken (-/+++)
Battering Ram (-/++++) Djinn (-,+,+++) Slaver (+/+++) Medusa (++/+++)
Dwarf Judge (-/+++) Salt Smuggler (+,+++) Warg Rider (-/++++)
Carnivorous Toadstool (+++,++++) Hurricane Dancer (++) Enormous Larva (++,++++)

Legendary Cards

Dwarf Elf Orc Neutral
Keeper of the Treasure Brother Artujan Devourer Giant Spider (+++)
Dwarf King Siribia Morning Dew Tulzakk Bone Grinder (+++) Griffin
Imperial Dragon
Portal cards all need pics, most need stats
Dwarven Sage (++++) Loremaster Mammoth Citadel Moon Dragon
Guardian of Time (++,+++) Scorpion Rider (++/+++) Grimnack Sun Dragon (++,+++)
Ore Titan (-/+++) Astral Navigator (+/+++) Bloodsoaked Totem Colossus (+,+++)
Magma Thrower (-/+++) Lightning Spirit Goblin Patriarch (++++) Leviathan (-,+,+++)

Ultimate Cards

Dwarf Elf Orc Neutral
Mountain Yeti (+/++++) Sentinel (+/++) Voodoo Witch Wilderness Shaper (++/++++)
Thief of Time (++,++++)