Mammoth Citadel
Mammoth Citadel
Mammoth Citadel (Unevolved)
Race Orc
Rarity Legendary
Mana icon Cost 25
Attack 1 direction (direct)
Ability "If the card opposite dies, Mammoth Citadel does ____ damage to the opposing player."
Portal Desert Twilight

Stats Edit

Level Attack Life Ability
lvl 1 2000 2400 1200
lvl 14 2540 3049 1524
lvl 24 (+) 3526 4233 2116
lvl 34 (++) 4850 5822 2910
lvl 44 (+++) 6600 7921 3959
lvl 54 (++++) 8888 10667 5332
All values are with full Evolve Bonus (except lvl 1)




Description Edit

The Mammoth Citadel is a stable card with a decent direct attack and the ability to deal extra damage to the opposite player.

The card can be best compared with the Ore Titan: While the Mammoth has a much stronger ability and is more durable, the Titan features a little lower card cost and quasi switched health and attack stats - which makes him the stronger attacker. Thanks to his ability, the Mammoth is overall still the better card.

Ability Edit

The card ability is triggered when the opposite card is killed or goes out of play. When the opposing card is revived and killed again, the ability is triggered again!

It is not necessary that opposite card is finished off by the Mammoth Citadel to trigger its ability. Therefore it does not even matter if the card is temporarily disarmed by a Dazer.

Tactics Edit

Due to his ability the Mammoth Citadel fits direct player attack decks, and is in general strongest (in any deck) when fighting against opponents with low(er) health.

The race of the Mammoth Citadel can help to cover combinations with other orc cards, e.g. Goblin Patriarchs. As a result of its high mana cost the card is often shown as the top card (see player stats). This can also be exploited to hide the true nature of your deck.

Gallery Edit