Moon Dragon
Moon Dragon
Moon Dragon (Unevolved)
Race Neutral
Rarity Legendary
Mana icon Cost 22
Attack 3 directions (left, direct, right)
Ability "The first time the Moon Dragon dies, all of your cards that die in the same round are revived and restored to full health."
Portal Dragon Hunt

Stats Edit

Level Attack Life
lvl 1 900 900
lvl 14 1600 1600
lvl 24 (+) 2624 2624
lvl 34 (++) 4046 4047
lvl 44 (+++) 5977 5977
lvl 54 (++++) 8554 8554
All values are with full Evolve Bonus (except lvl 1)

Ability Edit

Moon Dragon doesn't revive itself.

If two Moon Dragons die in a single round, they are both revived (each by the other's ability).

Creatures revived by Moon Dragon don't activate death triggers.

Example: Mammoth Citadel kills Gremlin, which is revived by Moon Dragon. Mammoth deals no damage to the Gremlin's owner.

There seems to be a rule that no creature can be revived more than once, no matter which effect caused the revival.

Example: A player has Phoenix and Moon Dragon. Phoenix dies in round 1 and is revived by its ability. Moon Dragon survives round 2. In round 2, both Phoenix and Moon Dragon die. Neither is revived.

Gallery Edit