Tribe Avenger
Tribe Avenger
Tribe Avenger (Unevolved)
Race Orc
Rarity Uncommon
Mana icon Cost 6
Attack direct
Ability "If the Tribe Avenger dies, he deals ____ damage to each enemy card."

Stats Edit

Level Attack Life Ability
lvl 1 200 100 100
lvl 11 494 247 247
lvl 15 (+) 737 369 368
lvl 19 (++) 1035 517 516
lvl 23 (+++) 1393 695 694
lvl 27 (++++) 1816 907 905
All values are with full Evolve Bonus (except lvl 1)

Tactics Edit

The Tribe Avenger is a low cost attacking card with a potent ability, but very little health.

With the cost of only 6 mana, on lower levels the card can be seen as a Gremlin with the benefit of an attack on all enemy cards after death. This is most useful in combination with attack reflectors against opponent cards with a (sometimes) single digit higher health value than attack value (e.g. Grimnack, Slaver, Devourer) .

On higher card levels the extra damage sums up to a value that exceeds even the damage potential of many stronger and costlier cards: 1816+905*5 = 6341. No other card in this mana range can deal so much attacking damage (except from Goblin Mob). Nonetheless, the extra damage on each individual card is rather low, but still useful to knock-out already damaged cards or to attack a card that could not be reached otherwise.

Since the Tribe Avenger is only an uncommon card, he is maxed out soon. This comes handy at lower player levels, where the card shines the most, but becomes an obstacle at higher player levels (45~65+), when the potential of the card ability starts to wear of and does only small effects again. Then the card falls back to its initial state as tiny support for unsuccessful reflection kills.

As a "Gremlin with benefits" or just as a cheap spot-filler the Tribe avenger can be played on every level. He goes particularly well with a Totem Carver deck where it's main purpose is to die. He can be useful in other tactical decks that do not require an active 5th card (like Piercing-Decks and other Turn-2-Kill-Decks) too, but is here more in competition with other small support cards, like Basilisk, Siren, Will-o'-the-Wisp or Baby Dragon.

In sum, the Tribe Avenger is a cheap, yet valuable addition to a tactical deck, but falls short in a general defensive deck due to his low health and - compared with bigger cards - low attacking value.

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