Tribe Bonus

When you have a special combination of the different tribes, you get a Tribe Bonus. This means that you get a Lifebonus in a fight. The percentage of the Tribe Bonus gives is: +20% Health on the current fight.

Elve Dwarf Dragon Orc/Beast

It seems to be that the dragons are a special race/tribe which are additional to the other 3 races(seems to be an adaptable race). But the Dragons don't work for themselves as a race (no race bonus with5 dragons). Either, no race bonus with 4 dragons and 1 other race or 3 dragons and 2 of another race...

So, in my conclusion it works as followed for a 5-carded deck:

5 Dragons:Nobonus

4 Dragons + 1 of another race:Nobonus

3 Dragons + 2 of another same race: No bonus

2 Dragons + 3 of another same race: BONUS

1 Dragon + 4 of another same race: BONUS

5 of a same race, but no dragons :BONUS

Any amount of other races (mixed): No bonus

We discussed so far about a 5-carded deck, but in the end you also get bonuses for 4-, 3-, 2-and 1-carded decks.

So,you get a tribe bonus everytime when you have at least 1 card of thesame tribe (elve, orc, dwarf) plus 1-2 optional dragonsin your deck.But then the not-dragon race has to be in the majority.

You get theTribe bonus when you have one of the following decks:

1 carded deck: Bonus -> 1 not dragon

2 carded deck: Bonus -> 2 not dragon

3 carded deck: Bonus -> 3 not dragon | 2 not dragon + 1 dragon

4 carded deck: Bonus -> 4 not dragon | 3 not dragon + 1 dragon

5 carded deck: Bonus -> 5 not dragon | 4 not dragon + 1 dragon | 3 not dragon + 2 dragon